How To Find a Top-notch Web Agency?


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How to find a web agency is the first question when building your brand identity. They help your business build a website from scratch or redesign/update your current website.

Investing in a web agency is a must to build a strong online presence for your brand . Whether you ask them to create a completely new or redesign your old website, they will have it done for your business perfectly. 

To work with a trustworthy agency, it takes effort to do research and select the final one. Here are some ways that you can follow to find the most suitable agency for you 

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How to Find a Web Agency

Browsing trusted online directories 

You can start your research by checking out trustworthy online directories like GoodFirms, Clutch, and similar platforms listing reliable web agencies. These websites offer valuable information, such as reviews, testimonials, and rankings.

Begin with a broad search and then narrow down your options based on specific factors that matter to your business, like industry focus, technical skills, business size compatibility, communication style, and working environment.

Give priority to agencies with positive reviews and testimonials, as they show a track record of happy clients.

Find them on social media

Many agencies have fantastic social channels like Instagram to showcase their work. It’s like creating a public online portfolio. You can begin by searching for relevant keywords and hashtags such as “web agency” and “website development.” There are thousands of results, so it may take time to go through each one. 

You can search deeper by visiting their website if it’s linked on their Instagram or by searching their name on Google. If you are impressed, you can promptly send a message, which is very convenient. Additionally, you can follow their page to stay updated and see their latest activities.


Reach out to your network and let them know you are searching for an exceptional web agency. Clearly communicate your specific requirements, such as the technology you prefer (like WordPress, Magento, Shopify), creative design needs, website functionalities required, and any other important details.

The more specifics you provide, the greater the likelihood of finding the most suitable agency for your needs. This traditional approach is incredibly effective because you can trust recommendations from your network. However, it’s still important to research the agency to ensure they are a good fit and deliver quality work.

Leverage your own social media network

Social networks such as LinkedIn are valuable for discovering high-quality web agencies. You can make a simple post like, “Hey, I’m having trouble finding a web agency. Does anyone have suggestions?” This might prompt agencies to reach out to you or for your network to tag agencies that can assist. From past experience we say, just make sure you are ready for the deluge of responses that will follow. 

After reviewing the list of agencies to pick the ones that stand out you can initiate a conversation to learn more about how they work., Remember to conduct thorough research on them. There is a risk of potential scams, so make sure to check them carefully by examining their website, social media presence, and other relevant details.

Join a web development community

Communities in platforms like Discord or online forums can be beneficial for finding web agencies. You can send a message to the group stating that you are looking for an agency, and you might receive helpful responses.

If you don’t get immediate results, you still have the opportunity to gain insights into web development, such as coding, UI/UX design, and more, by engaging with the community.

Ask the owner of an impressive website

This approach may seem unconventional, but it’s worth a try. If you come across a website you admire and wish to have a similar site, consider emailing the website owner to enquire about the agency that designed it.

Since individuals may not disclose their web agency publicly, a private email is necessary. Be honest about your desire to find a quality agency and express gratitude if they can provide you with the contact information.

We understand it might be difficult if the site operates in the  same industry as you, as the website manager may be unlikely to share such information. In this case, you might need to expand your search for inspiration to different industries.

Check portfolio/awards sites

Looking at past projects and examples from agencies is a good way to see what they can do. You can make sure that their way of working fits with your own and that their projects function without errors. Also, reading reviews from professionals on awards sites  can show you if an agency is good at what they do. 

You can visit websites like Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, The Webby Awards, Behance, and Dribbble to discover reliable web agencies. These platforms showcase outstanding projects by top agencies. You can explore these projects through case studies, galleries, or similar formats to find agencies that match your criteria.


Knowing how to find a web agency is the first step in creating a strong online presence for your business. The right agency will showcase your brand effectively through an attractive website and ensure it works smoothly for users. Remember, the time and effort you put into selecting a web agency will show in the quality of your online image. 

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