The Kahunam Story

Kahunam is a web and branding agency on a mission to create incredible web experiences that help your brand grow. The agency is the next step for founder Scott Dooley – who has over 15 years experience in web development.

As a forward-thinking agency, Kahunam embraces a remote working model, empowered by our network of talented professionals from across the globe. This approach not only enriches our creativity and innovation but also ensures that we bring a diverse set of skills and perspectives to elevate your digital strategies.

Kahunam specialises in web development, technical SEO, web retainer and design services. So far we can count brands from UK, USA, Spain & Hong Kong on our client list. Where’s next?

We set-out to do things differently than other agencies, this means when you work with us you’ll get:


Honest Advice

Tailored to your budget and use-case as opposed to simply trying to sell you the solution that is easiest to deliver but ends up locking you in to painful and slow future website updates, and expensive & opaque maintenance fees.


Creative Input

We won’t give you cookie cutter suggestions that only just meet your requirements. We know that you are looking for a partner that can understand your brand and goals – take your brief and run with it. You’ll benefit from different perspectives and ideas – while still staying in control of the final output.


Real Expertise

It’s not smoke and mirrors, our team do know their stuff. And they get dedicated time to learn more and keep up to date as things change. This means we won’t pack your website with hundreds of bloated plugins and patchwork fixes – we’ll do it properly from the get go.

Ready to improve your website?

Add Kahunam to your team. We'll help you build a new website that helps you crush your goals. Or we'll take your existing website and help you take it to the next level — leaving your competitors in the dust.