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the giveaway of chatgpt prompts for content marketing and SEO
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Things have changed a lot in the last couple of years. As marketers now we often have ChatGPT or other generative AI tools open in our browser to help make us more productive. We’d argue that while it’s easy to get started, using ChatGPT properly, to get good results is difficult. It’s so easy to take the lazy route, enter simple prompts and then just copy and paste everything that ChatGPT gives you.

But this can harm your marketing efforts. In the worst-case scenario your website might get penalised by Google due to the latest Core Updates which target sites that are full of nonsense/low quality ai generated content. Meanwhile you may find your social content is ignored if it has hallmarks of a ChatGPT, such as featuring words preferred by ChatGPT like “delve”.

Our suggestion is to think of ChatGPT as a more of a tool, to help you develop content and content ideas faster, but not as something just to copy and paste from. If you use it assist, rather than fully outsource, then you can create content which is good at scale. To assist you in this process Kahunam has collated 65 ChatGPT prompts that can help make your content marketing and SEO work easier. You can download the PDF for free, no registration or email address is required.

What topics are covered in our ChatGPT Prompts PDF?

The prompts will help you in these topics:

  • Researching content and topic ideas
  • Creating a content marketing strategy
  • Creating content outlines
  • Writing content from scratch
  • Rewriting and paraphrasing text
  • Audience research
  • Expanding text and adding more content ideas

Download ChatGPT Prompts for Content Marketing & SEO

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